The Medicare Advantage Plan does not take the Place of the Original Medicare

Like we have said before, one may not enroll with Medicare advantage plan if he/she is not registered with the original. Just as the name suggest, “Advantage” supporting or standing to take those activities that may not be taken by the parent plan. With that idea in mind, the original Medicare advantage plan may not stand in for the place of the original Medicare but the original Medicare in itself can act as a stand-alone insurance plan. The two extensively depend on the other but it should be understood that the original Medicare plan is the parent plan while the Advantage plan is the Medicare advantage plan.  Find one at

The original Medicare has part A and part B and it is important to understand what each part does. The first part (A) stands for all the health-care services. What does the health-care services mean? It means that part A will cover or stand in in case you are expected to pay for all the healthcare service expenses emanating from your personal health care consumption. On the other hand, part B of the original Medicare Advantage plan will always seek to cover all other supplies that have been advanced towards your medical care needs. The supplies are always considered as medicines, blood, and surgical equipment (special) and even dressing materials. The cost on supply always hold whenever the cost of the materials exceed the required amount.

The Medicare advantage also acts as an assistant insurer or coinsurer basically because it act as an assistant insurer in those sections that cannot be covered by the Original. It is also known for covering yearly deductibles. The yearly deductibles are those health care insurance contributions that you pay just once in a given year without the need to pay on monthly basis.

There are instances when a person may need an emergency travelling health insurance that is treated as an overseas coverage. The original Medicare does not cover this particular need but may introduce and individual towards the Medicare advantage. With the various sections or plans of the Medicare advantage plans, there are those plans that will cover emergency travel overseas. If you have been trying to understand the difference between the Medigap and the original Medicare, you are now in the right position to decide on which plan to take; a plan that suits your needs.