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New Update to the Rider Education Program Posted 3-17-06

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If you have any questions about the GWRRA Rider Education Program or motorcycle safety in general, please do not hesitate to contact your local GWRRA District or Chapter Educator, or the above. If they cannot immediately provide you with the information you need, they will obtain it for you from their vast resources.

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Master Tour Rider Recognition Program
2006 Calendar Year Eligibility

The following is a list of the Level IV, Master Tour Rider, eligible for the

Masters Recognition Program

Indicating the Master numbers and year of issuance:


Year Issued

Master Number Range*

Life Grand Master


001 – 30


31 – 100


101 – 225

Grand Master


226 – 350


351– 600


601 – 650


651 – 1000


1001 – 1460

Senior Master


1461 – 1640


1641 – 2000


2001 – 2750


2751 – 3300


3301 – 3800

Current Master Number List



3801 – 4408


4409 – 4974


4975 – 5578


5579 – ?

*Master Number Range contains numbers known to have been issued during that calendar year. Year of application is based on the application date, not on the date of entry into the database. In some instances, Master Numbers may have been issued out of sequence causing a number to be issued in a year other than indicated. These minimal occurrences are to be ignored to simplify the tracking as well as to benefit the affected members.

(Revised 12/05 – Lorenz)
The following is a brief overview of the current GWRRA Rider Education Program level system. Please take part in this program, as it is one of the surest ways to remain a safe and conscientious motorcyclist. The GWRRA Rider Education Program

Level I – “Safety by Commitment”

Have you ever heard of the Contract for Life? Many teens nowadays form this agreement with their parents and friends for their own safety – to assure getting home in one piece from social activities. One reason for joining the GWRRA is to be able to ride with friends and reduce the risks when traveling. We expect our friends to form a similar agreement with the group and with us when riding. We expect they will commit to the group to ride as safely as is possible for their sake and ours. There are so many of us riding nowadays that the only way to tell if those we ride with have made such a commitment is by looking for evidence of that commitment. It’s called Level I of the GWRRA Rider Education Program. It is simply a commitment, or contract, with those we care about to ride safely. All it requires is to make the promise and commitment that you are going to ride as safely as possible. You are registered with the GWRRA across the country and your promise must never be renewed as it truly is a commitment for life. To make this promise to your friends and family, see your local GWRRA educator.

Level II – “Safety by Education” (Tour Rider)

In this important step the Rider, because of his commitment to ride safely and care for those he rides with, especially his Co-rider, takes a Rider Education Course to enhance his skills. He can then apply for Level II and receive a triangle shaped patch to show his additional commitment to safe riding. This is truly when a rider begins to understand what his or her Level I commitment means and can see the value in the program.

Level III – “Safety by Preparedness” (Certified Tour Rider)

To be prepared for any mishap which may occur, and to further protect our friends. Level III requires the applicant to be CPR or First Aid certified! It also requires the Rider and Co-Rider to wear proper riding apparel and carry a First Aid kit for emergencies. When you see a Level III, you see a rider that cares for his fellow members and for others. When a Level III is along on a ride, you know you have a trained, properly equipped individual, helping to look out for the group!

Level IV – “Safety by Enhanced Preparedness and Experience” (Master Tour Rider)

These Riders deserve and have earned our respect. They have completed all levels of the GWRRA Rider Education program, have ridden 25,000 accident free miles. and have waited at least a year since becoming certified at Level III. They ride with proper riding gear at all times, know First Aid and CPR, carry a First Aid kit, and are examples to all other riders. They should be recognized from the Chapter level up and are given a breakfast every year at Wing Ding in their honor. These riders are caring, trained, and prepared, and have experience to back them up. If you have Level IV riders in your chapter, take a moment and ask what it means to them. You may be surprised to hear their answers.

Thanks for the use of the above to Ed Brennan, Former GWRRA National Director of Rider Education & Safety

To find out more about the GWRRA Rider Education Program, contact your District or Chapter Educator or Director. They have the forms and can assist you in filling them out.

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