Retiring together with your life-partner

Retiring together with your life-partner

Retirement is an event that completely changes the relationship of a couple because in a good number of cases it means that work takes up most of the day to focus everything in the domestic sphere and that It forces to renegotiate roles, tasks, and responsibilities.

Until now, retiring meant in many homes that the man landed suddenly on land managed almost exclusively by women and that sometimes created problems. Today, domestic relations tend to be more equal but psychologists point out that there are differences in the way in which people of both sexes face retirement.

There is little research on the retirement of women, but what is noted is that in any act aimed at retirees there are more women than men and that they participate more in all kinds of activities, courses, etc.

There are many conditions when you and your partner retire together which needs to be taken care of:

The decision to leave the labor market definitively is conditioned by multiple factors that contribute to anticipating or delaying that moment.

The health of the couple: If the woman retires before health problems, getĀ 2020 Medicare Supplement PlansĀ the man tends to delay his retirement two years with respect to the average, probably to alleviate the loss of income.

Health itself: It is one of the factors that most influence the advancement of retirement.

The family having dependent helps to advance retirement.

Work trajectory: The seniority in the company, being autonomous or not, having a qualified or hard work physically influences to retire before or not.

Maternity break: Women who once made a parenthesis for maternity leave later retire to accumulate more contributions.

The difference in income: When the man earns much more than the wife delays his retirement about three years, while she tends to overtake her.

Psychological aspects also contribute:

From the attachment that each one has with their work to the respective expectations about retirement is preferences about the enjoyment of free time or the role that each one plays in the couple. Work organizes your life, imposes a schedule, holidays on certain dates and certain tasks, and with retirement that is over and you have to reorganize time and think about new activities, and that in some couples is easy to do together and in others not because everyone has different expectations about what they want to do and then conflicts arise.