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In all the articles we have shared before, the main factor that determines whether one qualifies to be enrolled in Medicare Advantage plan or not. That is correct and there is no doubt that that is the basis of everything when it comes to eligibility. The terms and condition of the Medicare Advantage plan requires that a person must be aged or must have attained the age of 65 and above so as to be considered. There is the open window period as well and this determines a lot as far as the eligibility is concerned.

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With the idea that age is the main issue or factor that determines ones eligibility it is important also to consider the window of opportunity that opens within six months after one has attained the age of 65. The open window is a period which in real sense will keep your qualified for this particular Medicare Plan until when you are 65.5 years of age. The remaining 0.5 year before you clock 70 is always used as a grace period or the accessibility period for those who did not take the initiative to apply for the Advantage plan in question.

Far from age, there are medical conditions which one must be free from so as to be considered for taking one of the many parts of the Medicare Advantage plans. Such conditions include critical renal diseases. This condition might disqualify you based on the stage of the condition itself. Such a condition is not considered because if considered will lead to extensive expenses that may not be covered by the Medicare advantage plan. With that you need to be aware of some of the conditions which may disqualify you from enjoying the benefits of the Medicare advantage plans.

Not only age will matter but the actual reason for taking such a plan matters a lot. For most of the Medicare advantage plans, drug coverage benefits may not be entirely be part of the policy. This tells us that you may not be able to stand a chance of enrolling with some of the Medicare Advantage plans if your interest is finding an insurance platform that will constantly keep covering expenses related to drug coverage. With these few ideas, you are now in a position to understand that as much as is the basic factor, there are other factors which may bar one from being enrolled with Medicare advantage plans.